Forever Florals

A collection of thoughtfully and artistically curated arrangements, wall hoops & bouquets. using a range of dried and preserved blooms to suit any home or workspace.

Forever Florals F.A.Q

Q. Do you do custom orders?

A. Absolutely! Get in touch with us and let’s chat

Q. How long do dried flowers last?

A. Dried and preserved flowers can last for years, to take care of your florals it is advisable that you place them away from direct sunlight.

Even after they fade they can still be beautiful, this just adds to their character!

A light spray of hair spray will also help them to retain their colour and prevent them from dropping.

Q. I have seen something on a previous collection that has sold, can I still order it?

A. In most cases Yes given that the stock is still available. Keep in mind that these are natural products so it may not be exactly the same, but we will do our best to replicate the item selected.